Local 362 welcomes our International Program members from Africa, Asia, Canada, China, France, India, Japan, Malaysia, Mexico, Morocco, Nepal, Norway and Thailand who work at Animal Kingdom, Animal Kingdom Lodge, and Epcot.

You are a valued part of our Labor Union. We have set up this section of the Local 362 website to address issues that are unique to you as an International Program worker. On this page is a letter from one of your co-workers describing her interest in the Union. We have also included a portion of the Union contract which spells out your rights as an International Program worker to fair treatment in the event that you are disciplined (see “Discipline problem?” ).

I invite you also to visit the rest of our website to become familiar with Local 362.

If you have any suggestions or questions, please contact your Union Representative.

We welcome your ideas about how best to involve and represent our International Program members. I encourage you to get active in your Union.


Eric Clinton, President
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What the Union Means to me

Boitshoko Ncube, Botswana
Park Greeter – Animal Kingdom

My name is Boitshoko Ncube. I am from Botswana; I live in the South East District, in a suburban area called Tlokweng.

I work for Walt Disney World Company in Attractions as a Park Greeter at Animal Kingdom. I am a Cultural Representative. I joined the company on the 26th of April this year.

I always liked the Disney magic as a kid; my parents wouldn’t have been able to afford to bring me here and it has always been my dream to be part of the magic. When I first saw the advert in the daily newspaper I knew that that was what I wanted and I knew that I was going to get the chance. When I got my invitation letter I got so mesmerized by the Disney magic and the rest is history.

I first learned about the Union at Traditions and I didn’t actually take heed of whatever information they wanted to put across.

The Union came to my rescue a few weeks down the line when I had a little misunderstanding with a co-worker at our residence (the Commons). When I came to work I was told that I might be terminated and sent home. Dick Hatch, the Shop Steward in Africa, was assigned to stand on my behalf and he really did a good job. He assured me that everything will be fine and I didn’t have to worry. I knew I was not wrong but you will never know about these things and again sometimes it’s not easy to relate everything the way they expect you to. As it turned out, everything was resolved without any discipline and I have continued working. I would really like to thank him for acting on my behalf for the Union. Now I am a proud member of the Union and I got all my colleagues to join too.

Thanks again.


Boitshoko Ncube