• Eric Clinton, President, worked at the Hollywood Studios in Attractions and Custodial from 1998-2001. Then worked for the Union from 2001-2008 becoming the President of Local 362 in April 2008.
  • Kim Hanley, Secretary-Treasurer, started working at WDW in 1994 at the Studios, then worked at the Wide World of Sports and is currently a Custodial Coordinator at the Animal Kingdom.
  • Jeremy Yassen, Vice-President, is a long-time Disney Cast Member who has worked at Local 362 since 2001 and became the Lead Organizer in 2008.

Executive Board

  • Alice-Marie Tucker, Executive Board Member, since 1997 has worked in Attractions at all four parks and is now a Vacation Planner at Hollywood Studios.
  • Diego Henry, Executive Board Member, works at Disney’s Animal Kingdom in Attractions.
  • Gabby Alcantara, Executive Board Member, is an Attractions Coordinator in the Magic Kingdom.
  • Jean Julionex Louis, Executive Board Member, is a Custodial worker at the Magic Kingdom.
  • Jessica Lella, Executive Board members, works at Disney’s Animal Kingdom at an Attractions Coordinator.
  • Krysta White, Executive Board Member, works at Disney’s Animal Kingdom in Pandora Attractions.
  • Lynn Reback, Executive Board Member, is a Bartender at the Orlando International Airport working for AREAS USA.
  • Mike Beaver, Executive Board Member, has worked at Disney since 2000 as an Attractions worker in Tomorrowland at the Magic Kingdom.
  • Misha Robson, Executive Board Member, has worked for Disney since 2006 and currently works in Attractions at the Magic Kingdom theme park.
  • Ronnie Jackson, Executive Board Member, works as a Cook at the Orlando International Airport.

Board of Auditors

  • Dawn Sutherland, Board of Auditors, is a long-time Disney Cast Member who is now a Vacation Planning Coordinator at Animal Kingdom.
  • Ed Schneider, Board of Auditors, currently works at Epcot in Attractions.
  • Kinsey Doerr, Board of Auditors, works in the Magic Kingdom in Attractions.