Information for Attractions, Custodial, and Vacation Planning Union Members

On March 23, 2023, Disney Management made a new economic proposal to the Service Trades Council Bargaining Committee. The parties reached a Tentative Agreement on the offer. The deal addresses 3 main priorities set by the Union Committee after the membership of the STCU voted overwhelmingly to reject Disney’s last offer early this year. This offer accomplishes:


  • Minimum $18 per hour in 2023 for current Cast Members
  • Increased total value of Contract
  • Restore full retroactivity for the wage adjusted Cast Members (Buses, Culinary, Housekeeping, etc.)


The deal applies to both Full-Time and Part-Time Union Members.








UNITE HERE! Local 362 Bargaining Committee recommends a YES vote:

Eric Clinton, President

Mike Cocco, Lead Organizer

Mike Thom, Lead Organizer

Victor Faggella, Organizer

Estefania Villadiego, Organizer

Diana Geary, Organizer

Edner Alouidor, Ecpot Day Custodial

Jackie Eonta, Epcot Vacation Planning

Ed Schneider, Epcot World Nature Attractions

Nikki Maddox, DAK Day Custodial

Diego Henry, DAK Dinoland Attractions

Travis Joyner, DAK KSR Attractions

Kim Hanley, DAK Day Custodial

Marissa Flint, DAK Pandora Attractions

Noah Diaz, DAK Dinoland Attractions

Sean Hopper, DHS SWGE Attractions

Tony Vitale, DHS Sunset Attractions

Charlie Balliet, DHS Sunset Attractions

Josh Mullet, DHS Day Custodial

Jino Loriston, DHS Toy Story Land

Julionex Louis, MK Day Custodial

Belkis Rosado, MK Day Custodial

Zinnia Jimenez, MK Utility Custodial

Cree Jenkins, Mk Third Shift Custodial

Jay Friesner, MK Ad/Lib Attractions

Mike Beaver, MK Tomorrowland Attractions

Fallon Rivera, MK Tomorrowland Attractions

Ed Bradford, MK Tomorrowland Attractions

Joyce Colon, MK TTC Vacation Planning

David Pickford, MK Main St. Ops. Attractions

Ivy Maestro, MK Main St. Ops. Attractions

Tiffany Fernandez, Disney Springs Custodial

Irma Caraballo, Disney Springs Custodial

Arnold Alcante, CBR Custodial